Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services


Talking with several owners and office managers who have a cleaning service we have identified that practically everyone has the same complaints and difficulties in their offices. The cleaning companies that provide the service tend to have the same mistakes, according to some owners. Just to name a few:


- DUSTING: desks, computers, surfaces with excessive dusting or places where they have not been properly cleaned;

- RESTROOMS: poor cleaning. The toilet with dirt on the lid, seat, base, and exterior of the bow. Not to mention the lack of care of the paper toilet or paper towel refills.

- FLOOR: often get nailed by excess of chemicals or at other times realize that it was not adequately moistened.

- TRASH CANS: it is very common for the cleaners to forget some trash cans or even remove the trash but leave the trash bag dirty causing a bad impression and in some cases bad smell.


Anyway, these are some very frequent complaints. So, if you have these and other issues in your facility today let TOP VISION show something different for you. Stop paying for a service whose result is not satisfactory.

Take care of your company, your money, your customers and employees. Pay for the fair, that is, a quality commercial cleaning as agreed in contract.

TOP VISION Cleaning Services works with follow-up patterns and weekly visits to check the work done by the cleaners team. We have a consistent office cleaning program so that you are one of our satisfied customers. No hassles and no complains, just focus on your core business.

TOP VISION respect your business and your time, we make the schedule according to your need. Many customers prefer cleaning up after office hours. For us at TOP VISION the important thing is that your employees, visitors and clients stay in a clean, smelling and perfect environment to spend all day.

We follow a line of work according to our office cleaning program, but if necessary we reevaluate according to your need. Usually office environments require thorough dusting and disinfecting, vacuuming, mopping, restroom cleaning and trash removal. In addition, we look at the changes of the hand soap refills in the restrooms, paper toilet and paper towel.

We keep close relationship with the office manager for quality surveys and keep the stock of supplies in the right amount, when the supplies are the responsibility of the customer, of course.

If your need to maintain daily cleaning, three times a week, twice a week or even once a week, TOP VISION works according to your need, remembering that an important part to be considered in our work is:

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A clean and scented work environment makes a good impression on employees and visitors.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our clients with efficiency, quality of service, consistency in results through a good job and the delivery of our values.